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On Tolerance Manoeuvre’s In Memory

by Ioanna Nissiriou, Producer for Mtv Greece
October 2015

If the role of music is to transport the listener to places actual or imaginary, provide access to real memories that have been overgrown with the foliage of time or fictional ones, where you find yourself aching for the loss of the one you haven’t yet found, to feelings of elation or downright doom, then Tolerance Manoeuvre’s first album is a prime example of all that makes music akin to human experience.

A trio of artists whose outlets of expression have never been confined to just one form, Arnold, Stokes and Woolfenden seem to be well equipped to suggest the surest way straight to the listener’s core. We each have our own manner of experiencing art, so for me this is what happens when I listen to the album....

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Album review: Record Collector - Four Star Rating

by Ian Shirley September 2015

Formed in 2012, Tolerance Manoeuvre are a trio comprising of Steve Arnold (cello/vocals), Joseph Stokes (guitar/vocals) and Sarah Woolfenden (trumpet/vocals). Recorded earlier this year, In Memory consists of six tracks honed by live work and recorded in Camberwell’s St Giles Church. The choice of venue is perhaps fitting: there are elements of 80s avant-gardists Camberwell Now in the music, as well as flashes of Tuxedomoon, and even those long-lost French bands from the 70s, whose music only came to these shores through Chris Cutler’s Recommended Records mail-order catalogue...

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Album review by

by Chris May 11 August 2015

Flashback Records, purveyors of second-hand vinyl and CDs in Shoreditch, Islington and Crouch End, continue their own-label programme with In Memory, the debut album from Tolerance Manoeuvre.

A trio comprising Steve Arnold (cello, vocals), Joseph Stokes (electric guitar, vocals) and Sarah Woolfenden (trumpet, vocals), Tolerance Manoeuvre’s music is a spare and immersive blend of folk, jazz, indie and ambient. Elliptical resonances include north London singer/songwriter Bill Fay’s elegiac early 1970s’s albums Bill Fay and Time of the Last Persecution and Talk Talk’s 1988 one-off, Spirit of Eden, plus a dash of coming-down Velvet Underground. The album is available on vinyl and CD. See the full article


Windmill Gig Review: Flashback Records

by Richard Pearmain 4 December 2014

A label affiliated to the well-known North London independent record shops, Flashback Records made a foray south of the river to host a night at the Windmill.  Braving a bracing Brixton evening, I'd missed the opening act, Melinda Bronstein, but was just in time to catch London trio Tolerance Manoeuvre.

Comprised of electric guitar, trumpet and cello, Tolerance Manoeuvre create very sparse, cinematic textures, laced with minimal vocals and brass breaks that occasionally sound suspiciously free jazz  In keeping with their unconventional approach, cellist Steve Arnold introduces each new song as "this next piece" – a very classical touch. It was definitely a hypnotic set, which even defied a loud cheer from the back of the pub from the couple of jubilant Arsenal fans watching the Southampton game.  Equally surprising was that I recognised trumpet player Sarah Woolfenden from a singing course that we both did many moons ago.  Didn’t expect that…


Latest News

New Album Release

May 2020

The long awaited album titled, 'From Silence' will be digitially released on the Athen's based Black Athena label on 5th June 2020. The album includes recordings from One Cat Studio and Rock n Roll Babylon.


Mixing the Next Release

25 September 2017

Following the recording sessions at One Cat Studio (with sound engineer and producer, Jon Clayton), we are now mixing with producer Paul Hollingsworth (PaulOfSound) for the next release. Paul was sound engineer and producer for the band's first album, In Memory.


In the Studio recording for Next Release

22 March 2017

TM teamed up with One Cat Studios to record for their next release. Joined by Melinda (from Scow) on drums the band recorded four tracks, including 440.2 hz, Apophenia, Full Moon Rising and Senses.


TM track played on Gideon Coe show

9 September 2016

6Music's Gideon Coe played a track from the album on his evening show on 8th September. The track chosen was Prelude & Interlude as he announced, "...and here's the tune for tonight's dream sequence, your potential aid to vivid dreams and/or restful sleep".  It can be heard on the on iPlayerRadio on the BBC 6Music website (Forward to 2hrs 33mins).  The band really appreciate the airplay, and thanks to Mark Burgess for pushing the album in 6Music's direction!


Explorations in Music Compilation Album

14 August 2016

Tolerance Manoeuvre will be featuring on a compilation album, Explorations in Music, showcasing bands that have played at the night, by the same name, at the Hideaway in North London.  The compilation has been created by Chris Taylor who runs the Explorations in Music night.  Other artists featuring on the album include Serac and Kate Arnold (Fear of the Forest).

The album will be released on 23rd October 2016.  There will be a promotional event to coincide with the release also on 23rd October at the Servant Jazz Quarters, Dalston.  Really looking forward to the release!


Tolerance Manoeuvre live on Resonance FM

12 March 2016

TM performed a live session on Dexter Bentley's Hello Goodbye Show, on Resonance FM on 12th March.  Also in session were Jo Quail and Lucy Claire.  You can listen back to the broadcast on Mixcloud.


Pete Paphides plays album track on Soho Radio

11 November 2015

The trio were very exited to hear that Pete Paphides was to play a track off the new album on his radio show on Soho Radio.  Pete chose The Old Door.  Thanks to label manager, Mark Burgess of Flashback, for dropping the album round Pete's house.  Now that's distribution!


Tolerance Manoeuvre debut album is released

July 2015

Extract from the Flashback Newsletter #18

'Flashback Records is proud to announce the release of the new album by Tolerance Manoeuvre, 'In Memory', on 17th July 2015. Vinyl, CD and Digital available for purchase here or from any of our shops or other reputable record outlets.

The unorthodox and intense indie/ambient trio will also play a launch party at our Shoreditch branch on Friday 17th July.'  Event details

The album can be purchased from iTunes or Bandcamp


Andrew Weatherall plays TM on NTS Radio

June 2015

Andrew Weatherall played 'Through Me Again', from the new album In Memory, on his June 11th show, 'Andrew Weatherall presents: Music's not for everyone' (NTS Radio).  The album was described as 'a work of beguiling beauty'.  Thank you Mr Weatherall.

You can hear the replay on SoundCloud.  The TM track is 1hr 13mins in.


Venue chosen for album launch

April 2015

TM were looking for an acoustically suitable place for the album launch party and found one - thanks. The launch party will be at St. Pauls Church in Marylebone, London. Given the album was recorded in a crypt we wanted a similar environment where we could play to the acoustics and enhanced overtones.  Really looking foward to this - it's party time!


Flashback Records confirms album release date

March 2015

Flashback Records have confirmed the release date for the Tolerance Manoeuvre album, In Memory. The album comes out on 20th July 2015 and will be distributed through fMinor.  Very exiting times.


Tolerance Manoeuvre Perform Live on Resonance FM 104.4

January 2015

Tolerance Manoeuvre will be performing live in session, on air during the deXter Bentley Hello Goodbye Show, on London's arts radio station, Resonance FM 104.4, on Saturday 21st February 2015.  So tune in to 104.4 fm with your bacon sandwich and espresso at 12pm sharp.  This will be one live performance not to be missed!