The Band

Joseph Stokes
guitar, voice
Sarah Woolfenden
trumpet, voice
Steve Arnold
cello, voice

Experience the sonic glory of Tolerance Manoeuvre.  With a line up of cello, electric guitar, trumpet and three voices this London based trio aren't your conventional band.

Taking the 'score-based' songwriting of Mogwai or Sigur Ros but with a jazzier and folkier start point than the former's 'rock approach', Tolerance Manoeuvre create spacious sound-scapes of textured and atmospheric music that has a cinematic, story telling quality.  At times the overtones of the instruments and the vocals embrace in an almost elegiac harmony. Imagine you’d been lucky enough to witness the minimal demo recordings of Talk Talk's 'Spirit of Eden'...primal and intimate.

"Sounds like the discarded soundtrack to a Derek Jarman film....Fabulously moody!"

Paul Artrocker, Resonance FM 104.4


"Worrying and mesmerising at the same time"

Tom Bailey, Thompson Twins


"Stunning experimental a slow tango in the dark at sea!"

Cara Sebastian, Road Trip & The Workshop

Of the album, In Memory,

'...a work of beguiling beauty'

Andrew Weatherall (Andrew Weatherall presents, NTS Radio)


"Unlike anything you've ever heard before, it's music of sophistication...Genre defying beauty, soul destroying depth"

Mark Burgess, Flashback Records

The trio seek out places that are acoustically interesting to perform or record in, such as art spaces, churches or cellars.  The Crypt of St. Giles in Camberwell, Hundred Years Gallery in Dalston, Six Dogs Arts Space in Athens (Greece) and the No Format Gallery have served to enhance the band's sound.

The band released their debut double-A-side single (4am / Through me again) in April 2014 via Flashback Records.

Their debut album 'In Memory' was released on vinyl, CD and download in July 2015 on Flashback Records.  The album was recorded in the Crypt of St. Giles church in Camberwell, chosen for its natural reverb and acoustics.

Tolerance Manoeuvre have played with bands such as, Seward, Eva Eden, Muscle and Marrow, Father Murphy, Firefly Burning, Love Buzzard, Cara Sebastian, Simone and The Dark Stars, Spiritwo, Chris Dowding and Natural Causes.

The band were featured on MTV (Greece), including an interview and special live performance.  They've recorded in session for Athens International Radio 104.4FM, performed on the Dexter Bentley Show on Resonance FM and had airplay on various radio stations including 6Music on the Gideon Coe show, NTS Radio, Soho Radio and Radio Eterna.