We'd like to acknowledge a few people that have and continue to support us and provide us with the opportunity to play and share our music.

Thanks to:
Mark Burgess at Flashback Records, Claire Munro, Paul Hollingsworth a.k.a. Paul Ofsound, Doug Shearer, Ioanna Nissirou, Paul Artrocker, Angus at the Mucky Pup Islington, Montse and Graham at the Hundred Years Gallery, Tim at The Windmill Brixton, Nick at St Giles Church Camberwell, Cloudcity Youknowwhatloveis, Cara Sebastian, and Everyone that keeps coming back to see us perform - it is because of you we keep playing; keep turning up and we'll keep on going!


Website contributors

Main background image taken by Montse Gallego, The Hundred Years Gallery
Photographic contributions from Alvin Yap, Mary Lemley, Eric Gauster, Ian Dagger
Video from Ioanna Nissirou, Mary Lemley